Leg Update 8: The Final Update!

13 01 2009


It looks like my updates have come to an end!

About my leg anyway!

In my last update – the doctor had told me to go off the contraceptive pill, continue using my compression stockingĀ and take 100mg of aspirin every day.

Ironically, after ten years of pain this seems to have had an amazing effect!

Before the aspirin I’d be lying on the bed unable to move a muscle lest it aggravate the pain before the painkillers set in …

Before the aspirin I’d be waking up in the morning planning to only take 20 steps for the entire day; and those were all full of pain …

Before the aspirin, I had to use a walking stick to get around and I actually understood where Dr. House was coming from in every episode!

After the aspirin, I can get up and walk around freely, do about 200 steps a day and even help a friend move house!

I only wish one of the many doctors I’d seen before hand had managed to suggest the same thing …

Still much better than the Korean hospital that wanted to remove a third of my leg muscle … so glad I walked away from that idea…

Yeah that was a terrible joke …

So according to the doctor the plan is to stay on the aspirin for the next twelve months as it should keep working.

If at that time things go bad or to how they were before then I’ll have to see about the alcohol injections etc but that is something to be used if the current course of action doesn’t work.

Anyway, the doctor has given me the all clear to go back to Korea for twelve months …

Yay! I’m ecstatic!

Finally, I have my life back!

It’ll probably take us about a month or so to get jobs and go through the fun task of applying for visas etc

Now the next fun task; to find a job.


Leg Update 6: This is taking forever!

30 09 2008

This isn’t just a whinge; there is actually some news. In the last update at the beginning of September I’d just seen Dr. Duffy, the vascular surgeon who was basically referring me onto another vascular surgeon over at Princess Alexandria Hospital. The new doctor is a public doctor (so free treatment) and also a whiz with this ballooning and gluing thing.

I finally got word that my first consultation with this doctor will be on November 17th. That is a long time away. Patience is not my strong point and this is taking forever!

I’d say you could put money on the fact that I will be in Australia at Christmas time.