My Weekly Rant: The American Invasion

22 07 2008

This morning while I had the TV on in the background I saw the advertisement for the new McAmerican Bagel at McDonalds. I should also add that I don’t usually watch TV but I am still waiting for my internet to get connected … so the idiot box was looking pretty good … for a moment.

All I have to say to this is what the heck? I mean which marketing genius thought this up? Who in their right mind would order anything with American in the title? Fair enough if you lived in America you might want the good old American Bagel, but wait a minute I live in Australia! Are there actually any Aussies out there that would actually buy that Bagel? Why didn’t they re-name it or something? Why is it that they think that all Australians are dying to be just like the yanks and want to eat whatever they eat?

American Idol (just pass me the earplugs)

This leads me to the amount of American TV programs that barrage us through the idiot box. I mean when on earth did Australia have so much American television that it is nearly just another state of America? Now, just so we’re clear I’m not talking about American sitcoms so much but more the endless parade of American reality TV programs with American people competing for god knows what. Why in our right minds would we be dying to tune in, to see a bunch of loud Americans whinging, bitching and complaining on so-called reality TV programs? I mean most of the Americans that I have met have such a different outlook on life due to their culture being different to mine in many regards that I fail to see the amusement of seeing them on reality TV. I don’t feel an affinity or kinship with these people, why is their plight to have their fifteen minutes of fame going to interest me?

Which generation of Australian idiots even watches this clap-trap? (author pauses hoping to god it isn’t her generation). Obviously there must be people watching it or they wouldn’t put it on TV … or maybe we ran out of Australian idiots to perform on our own Australian versions of the same reality TV shows?

Survivor (if only the wouldn't!)

Surely, there must be other Aussies out there that feel the same way … surely I’m not alone in feeling that Australia is losing some of it’s identity to this American invasion (so to speak)???

Somehow I have digressed into what must seem an Anti-America rant. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate America I even have some American friends and for their sake I want to make it clear that I don’t hate their country or anything. My objection is about Australia through TV being slowly sucked up into their culture entirely so that I feel Australia is losing it’s identity.

Gosh, sometimes I just want to go around to the youth of this country and shake them and scream at them to “Wake up to themselves” and for god’s sake “stop watching this reality TV crap so that they might put something more interesting on the box. And finally “is your own life so boring and without merit that you have to watch people making idiots of themselves on national and international TV to feel like you are living??”

When reality TV first started in Australia, about the year 2000 with Big Brother, I thought it was just a phase. I figured it would grow boring eventually and we could return to more interesting things on TV. Then, slowly but surely the American reality TV shows started showing on TV and I figured that surely no Aussies would really be bothered watching it and it would disappear eventually. Now it’s 2008 and I have to say to my country … What the heck is going on here? How can this re-cycled stuff still be amusing the masses?

Thankfully, Big Brother has finally been cancelled. I hope that this signals the beginning of the end, but I also read that channel ten is planning to resurrect it after about three years off air. Of course. I’m praying that it doesn’t happen.

This is my call to Aussies that feel the same way as myself to not only NEVER purchase a McAmerican Bagel but stop watching American reality TV … for the love of god … force the TV networks to put something else on … it’s been eight years people, it’s time to move on!!!