Great Read: The Pillars of the Earth

1 07 2008

I’m only half-way through but this book is fantastic. The Pillars of the Earth is set in the 12th century of Britain, written by a British author (yay!) and looks at the interactions of a few key characters, labourers through to clergy, earls and the King. I really enjoy the wrting. The author is inspiring in how he keeps the excitement level up and makes you want to keep turning pages, especially over such a big book. There’s tons of political intrigue (don’t get attached to the main characters) and some great human story lines aswell. The best bit is that all the characters are flawed which makes it really different to the usual run of the mill stuff and for me makes it much easier to get into the characters’ heads and feel what they feel.

The Other interesting thing I find is that it really isn’t too different from reading a fantasy book. Although that is maybe my weird take on it.

If you are after something different and stimulating that you won’t be able to read in a couple of hours then this could be for you.

I did say it was big, but it never slows down – it never lulls too much, you always know there is something interesting right around the corner and you are never sure which character will triumph.