About Me and My Blog

About Me:

I’m an Aussie girl in my late 20’s who has a passion for long walks on the beach and my perfect first date would be …

Oh wait … wrong website!

I started this blog in June 2008 when I was about to finish my second year of teaching in South Korea. My first year in Korea was in 2002.

Since then, I have come back to my home country of Australia to seek medical assistance for a problem with my leg.

I have Areterior Vascular Malformation (AVM) in one of the muscles in my leg (veins and arteries are either too big or too small). This has been causing me pain for a number of years; however it was constantly mis-diagnosed and consequently mis-treated.

At the moment I’m in the queue to get it seen to in Australia.

Due to the pain, I can’t work.

Did you know that not working leads to boredom?

It surprised me too!

To stave of boredom and the eventual killing of my neighbours … because that’s what boredome leads to; I write about my somewhat warped view of the world, hopefully to brighten everyone’s day…

Or maybe just my own!

I’m also working on writing a novel and a web series which I hope to publish soon.

As soon as the leg gets fixed I plan to return to Korea for some more ESL fun …

That might even make the title of this blog relevant again?

Yeah, probably not!

About the Title:

Okay, so Hot Kimchi Nights is the title … it came to me in a flash, earlier this afternoon while walking past one of the little ladies on the side of the road who was mixing her Kimchi … hoping to sell her wares to unsuspecting passers-by.

As I walked past her, the pungent aroma of Kimchi, mixed with the oppressive heat, filtered into my nose.

I thought, that’s the smell of South Korea in summer all right!

Straight away I thought of Hot Korean Summer nights partying, and suddenly Hot Kimchi Nights filtered through my brain and I thought “What a great title for my blog!”

So you, the poor reader, has to live with it…

Until one day I get bored and change it!

For anyone that might not know, Kimchi is a Korean national food that every Korean is proud of and assures anyone they talk to that it cures cancer, nay prevents cancer. 

Of course, bird flu or mad cow disease isn’t a factor if you eat Kimchi.

In fact, Superman himself ate Kimchi …

Before he fell off his horse and broke his back …

Oh … What?

That wasn’t REALLY Superman?

Can we edit that bit out?


Why Not?

What do you mean you’re too lazy to delete it?

*Cough* Erm … moving on …

It’s a dish of fermented cabbage with Korean spicy sauce added.

It’s an acquired taste…

Like Vegemite or Escargo…

It’s also the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten … (sorry Korea)

But like the annoying snot-nosed kid in the corner … it grows on you! 

Here’s a pic to give you an idea: Kimchi Cures Cancer and all Other Ailments

Please don’t ask why I named my blog after this … it’s all part of my charm!


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14 06 2008
The Not So Dynamic First Post « Hot Kimchi Nights

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14 01 2009

Thanks for the link. I see you are a WoW player. As am I, although I haven’t played in a few weeks because I finally reached 80 and am now bored again. I don’t raid enough to get the great gear there and I feel I am so far behind (with good gear) in PvP I hesitate to embarrass myself in any arena match.

Glad to hear your leg is better. Aspirin, the wonder drug.

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