Epic Fail!

25 01 2009

For anyone that isn’t aware; my folks jetted off on a lovely four month holiday to Europe and left me to house sit.

It’s only a tiny one room apartment …

It shouldn’t be any bother really … right?

Well, recently I had a friend over to visit …

We had an eye-opening conversation …

Went something like this …

Friend: Hey wow! What a nice place. A bit small but … oh hey look at that there’s a pot plant on the balcony.

Me: What! No there isn’t …

Friend: Yes there is! Have a look – it’s hanging from the ceiling in the corner.

I look at the balcony and sure enough there’s a pot plant hanging from the roof …

I ask you …

Who hangs a pot plant from a roof?

Oh okay gardeners …


I look a little closer …

The entire pot plant is brown …

Apparantly plants don’t do well for three months without water …

On the plus side it had plenty of sunlight!

I look at Fiancee with a worried expression…

He looks at me with the same expression…

“Did you know there was a pot plant there?” I ask

“No” he replies

“Oh bugger!” I cry

“I hope my parents weren’t attached to that plant” I continue

“Come to think of it I remember your Dad asking us to water the plant” Fiancee replies

“Oh really?!” I reply confused

I remember no such conversation …

My parents have never been “plant people”

We never owned plants …

We always lived in apartments and there was never any room for them…

God I hope my Dad isn’t attached to that plant …

The computer still isn’t working right …

Well I guess I really only have one option …

I know your thinking what I’m thinking …

Move to the other side of the country before Dad gets home …

It’s the only logical course of action under the circumstances …

But seriously …

Who hangs a plant from a roof?




4 responses

27 01 2009

Hmmm…perhaps you can use the “Hey Tiff, there’s a floater!” situation to your advantage in this case?

25 02 2009

Hey there Ms. House Sitter,
Don’t worry about the dead plant… and you are right, your parents are not plant people because plants always die… like fish in a tank. lol.
I should have started with “is the plant dead? Didn’t notice.”
Anyway, lucky we read your Blog or we would never really have noticed.
And, the plant hanging from a roof was inherited from the previous owner… and the new owners were too lazy to move it… and besides, it does give some shade and can hide from others on their own balcony. the pot itself, not the foliage.
So no worries House Sitter, I’m sure you can relax on the dead plant. PS: I will now go and throw some water on it – just in case CPR can help – just in case… but otherwise, who cares? Not even your Father mentioned it. LOL.

25 02 2009

Oops, the above was written by me, not Silvergirl2010.

20 03 2009

Hey silvergirl, An update on the dead plant on the balcony that died of thirst as if crawling through the desert in search of life through water — anyway, it has hit the bin without any ceremony nor ritual except for a quiet dance of glee by me as I always hated having that ugly fern — that hosts wasps and nasties while endevouring to enjoy balcony life.

New soil will take its place and a tiny sense of excitement rises in me while I decide which kind of plant will replace the fern thingy.

I’m thinking cherry tomatos out loud but was quickly scoffed at by SilverGirl’s dad, so I said to quickly ‘Blackberry bush’… ridiculous I know but it rushed out making me feel even more ridiculous, which made me think of something small and shouted (a tiny shout) ‘eureka, a Bonsai Plant would be fab there’. ‘Yeah right’, he said, ‘they need special treatment and you absolutely do NOT have a green thumb… just like you daughter’. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it sounds better than other things I thought of at the time.

Anyway, enough about the dead plant that used to live out on the balcony and any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Thanks silvergirl for adding excitement to my life, a life so filled with routine (which is not bad I hasten to add). But I get to nurture a new plant until it’s dead. Bets on its life-span?

Ah, life’s short anyway… so enjoy it. lol.

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