I think we can all Breathe Easy

18 12 2008

This relates to my last post; My Apology to the World.

Today I stumbled across this news Article:

“Luhrmann unlikely to cast Kidman again”

While the title is a pure ratings grab which seems to indicate, at first glance, that Baz refuses to have anything to do with Kidman because she’s a terrible actress …

If anyone bothers to read the article it has to do with some clap-trap that they have far too many life changing events while on set together …


I prefer to read between the lines; Baz is trying to distance himself from Kidman in the hope that some studio might actually give him money in the future to make some kind of movie …

Because let’s face it, he’s going to have a hard time of it with the poor reception “Australia” seems to have received both with the critics and at the box-office.

Perhaps we can breathe easy that another “Australia” may never be made again!





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