Leg Update 5: The Vascular Surgeon Again

3 09 2008

Okay so when I left you all last, I had just seen a fantastic Vascular Surgeon Dr. Peter Duffy and he had told me what was wrong with me (malformation of the veins in my leg muscle) and that my situation was difficult and he wanted to consult his colleagues and get back to me.

Well today I had the next appointment where he spoke to me about what they all came up with after they put their heads together.

What they have decided is to send me for some more tests to get a better idea of how best to treat the thing. I get to have an Angiogram where they insert a Catheter into my groin and run a tube down to the muscle in my leg (below my knee) and inject some dye into it and see what the blood is doing and where the blockages are. They are also going to do a bone scan to see if the pressure in the muscle has caused fractures in the bone of my leg. The doctor was explaining that the amount of pain I am experiencing is not what I should be experiencing with a simple vein malformation so they are trying to find what is causing the pain exactly.

Another plus is that he has referred me to a different team of Doctors over at Princess Alexandria hospital. These are public doctors which will be a bit of relief to the hip pocket but I’m guessing it’s going to be quite a while before I get to flit off overseas again.